Our team consists of driven, caring, determined, and highly skilled professionals. As we come from different backgrounds and disciplines, each member of our team contributes with different expertise. The interdisciplinary cooperation makes Specific Pharma unique. We will go above and beyond to provide you a comprehensive service.


Sourcing is one of our core capabilities and our highly skilled sourcing team consists of trained pharmacists and nurses. This ensures an excessive knowledge within healthcare and medicinal products, which provides the best possible expertise for our customers. Our sourcing team is specialised in the special permits that give specific patients access to unlicensed medicine.

Contact information:

Email: customerservice@specificpharma.com
Mobile: +45 36 14 20 09


Our Purchasing team is responsible for maintaining the vendor network and finding new vendors to supply the patients with the highest quality rare healthcare and medicinal products. The team is responsible for securing the highest service level and products on stock that meet the needs of the patients. If you are a supplier, please contact our Supplier Manager.

Contact information:

Email: purchasing@specificpharma.com
Telephone: +45 36 45 45 05


Our Logistics team consists of highly skilled professionals. The team is responsible for supporting our customers’ order fulfilment needs and they make sure that the medicine is delivered on time with the right requirements needed, all within GDP compliance and other relevant international guidelines.

Contact information:

Email: logistics@specificpharma.com
Telephone: +45 36 14 20 08


Our sales team consists of territory specific Key Account Managers, customer specific Client Specialists, Clinical Trial Specialists, and Supplier Managers. All of them have specialised knowledge and education, which enables them to fulfill all aspects of a product’s life cycle. We primarily operate in the Nordics, Netherlands and Baltics, but we also operate within other European markets. We support patients, pharmacies, and hospitals with unlicensed medicine. We also support MA-holders for their comparison studies, support in early access, and in case of tenders or drug shortages.

Contact information:

Aleksandar S. Pavlovic
Sales Manager, Sweden & Baltics
Telephone: +46 790792750
Email: alpav@specificpharma.com 
Jill von Benzon
Sourcing Account Manager, Denmark
Telephone: +45 30262311
Email: jiben@specificpharma.com
Morten Uglebjerg Thomsen
Key Account Manager, Denmark
Telephone: +45 60346547
Email: motho@specificpharma.com
Mikkel Hemmingsen
Business Development Manager
Telephone: +45 60346600
Email: mikhe@specificpharma.com


Our Quality team of dedicated professionals ensures that all products and services are provided in compliance with current regulatory requirements. The team works diligently with auditing and risk assesses all suppliers from which we purchase goods. Our Head of Quality, in close cooperation with the Management team, is responsible for establishing and communicating the Quality Policy as well as ensuring the whole company’s commitment to quality.

Contact information:

Email: quality@specificpharma.com
Telephone: +45 45 36 45 05


Our Management team possess a combination of extensive commercial and managerial experience together with a strong knowledge of our business and industry. As a result, we are able to use our in-depth industry and business knowledge to ensure we always provide the required service and expertise.

Contact information:

Uffe K. Jensen
Email: ufjen@specificpharma.com
Telephone: +45 60346540