As a healthcare professional (HCP), you may sometimes face patients with no regular treatment options available in your country. We can help you gain access to these treatments.

There are several reasons, why a particular product could be unavailable:

  • The medicine is under development or undergoing clinical trials
  • The medicine has been discontinued
  • The medicine has not yet been marketed in your country
  • The medicine is on drug shortage, either due to increased regularity or the pharmaceutical company is unable to keep up with demands
  • The medicine only has effect on a small group of patients and is therefore only marketed in few countries.

Unlicensed Medicine is the Answer

Unlicensed medicine is the answer, when you are unable to give your patients the best medical treatment with the products available in the market. Unlicensed medicine means that the product is not (yet) marketed in your country. These medicines are often difficult to access. By engaging our wide network and health authorities, we can help you gain helpful insight on treatments around the world, so that you can provide your patients with the needed medicine fast.

Our sourcing team can identify human medicines as well as veterinary medicines.

Gaining Access

If you are facing a patient with a need for an unavailable medicine, please do not hesitate to contact us. An option for you to help your patients gain access to medicines is often referred to as ‘’named patient basis’’, ‘’compassionate use permit’’ or ”special permit”. Our sourcing team is specialised in this procedure.

We import the needed medicine by engaging with our wide network comprising of health authorities, HCPs, suppliers, and others to provide patients with the right treatment fast. We provide tomorrow’s medicine today.