Our Main Concern Is To Bring Other Value

  • We bring value to patients with unmet medical needs by providing the right medicine in a timely manner
  • We bring value to the medical professionals, who are able to treat their patients with medication that would otherwise be unavailable to them
  • We bring value to our partners in the pharmaceutical industry, who are able to conduct clinical trials against the right comparator products
  • We bring value to our medicine providers around the world, who are able to make their products available to patients in countries, where they do not market these products
  • We do this on a foundation of values of our own

Our Values 

EthicsWe have a high standard of ethics. We are constantly aware that the service we provide affects people’s lives. It is therefore important to us to conduct our business in an ethical manner towards the authorities, the patients, and our partners.

Respect: Our respect for our customers, partners, the patients and each other in the workplace, help us excel at what we do. Our respect for time is a large part of this, since both our partners conducting clinical trials and the patients with unmet medical needs are so dependent on our speedy delivery.

Flexibility: Our customers and partners find us flexible and informal to work with.

Quality: Working with unlicensed medicine, securing a high level of quality in all our processes is important. That is why our quality assurance processes are a systematic and integrated part of our workday – making sure that the right medicine goes to the right customer.

Read more about our Quality Policy.