Product Forecast and Design of Shipment Setup

CTSM provides product forecast to assist you in streamlining and optimising the supply chain, giving you the best opportunity to be proactive, ensuring a balance between availability of IMP (investigational medicinal product) at all times and minimising unnecessary product waste.

Ever increasing complexity of trial design calls for carefully planned and customised solutions when setting up a logistical supply chain strategy. Based on our vast experience we offer customised setup for each trial providing an expert supply chain strategy.

Early involvement of CTSM enables you to streamline your production line, minimise waste and ensure an optimised supply chain during the entire trial.

Your Benefits

  • Balancing IMP availability and minimizing product waste 
  • Reducing cost by minimal waste of IMP 
  • Streamlined and optimised supply chain 

Ongoing Site Shipment

CTSM continously assists our clients with resupply of IMP throughout the trial. Changes in sites and countries during the trial lifetime can quickly be adapted by CTSM. This means that any site or country can easily be added or removed from the distribution setup. If a demand for further IMP occurs, CTSM has fast and easy acces to pack and ship resupplies.

Your Benefits 

  • Quick adaptation of changes in no. of sites and countries 
  • Fast track packaging 
  • Delivery of resupplies throughout the study to meet recruitment rate 

Packaging design

CTSM can proactively advice you on which packaging design would be preferable for your study. The design will be aligned to visit schedules that are outlined in the protocol.

We use our extensive knowlegde to guide you on how a product should be packed with the patient and site personnel in mind. Each packaging unit should be easy to handle for site personnel and patients while maintaining blinding and traceability, and packed to fit the requirements in the product supply strategy. We have the ability to quickly adjust the setup during the trial, should the need arise.

Your Benefits 

  • Customised packaging design 
  • Ensuring blinding throughout the process 
  • Providing full traceability 
  • Adjustable setup during the trial 

Sourcing of Comparators and Add-on Medication

Due to CTSM being part of Europe's leading pharmaceutical wholesaler, PHOENIX group, we are able to offer efficient sourcing of comparators, add-on medications and other products for clinical trials.

Through our extensive network of pharmaceutical manufacturers, we offer single batch sourcing of pharmaceuticals at the right time, expiry, quantity, with the required certificates and at a competitive price. Furthermore, we can provide rescue or add on medication to your study from our own pharmaceutical wholesaler.

This service is of course an integrated part of CTSM services and with one point of contact for your clinical trial supply activities.

Your Benefits 

  • One point of contact for your supply activities 
  • Easy access to comparators and add-on medication 
  • Using our extensive network to achieve competetive prices