Why is My Medicine Unavilable?

As a patient, you may sometimes experience lack of availability of your medicine. There are several reasons why the medicine you require could be unavailable:

  • The medicine has been discontinued due to a small patient population
  • The medicine is on drug shortage, either due to increased regularity or the pharmaceutical company is unable to keep up with demands
  • The medicine only has effect on a small group of patients and is therefore only marketed in few countries

Sometimes, you can also benefit from a relatively new medicine that is not (yet) marketed in your country, and therefore the medicine is unavailable. You might also experience this if you have been a part of a clinical trial and the trial has ended.

If you experience that your medicine is unavailable, we can help you gain access to the treatment you need.

What Can I do if My Medicine is Unavailable?

Unlicensed medicine is the answer, when you are unable to get the best medical treatment with the available products in your country. An unlicensed medicine is a medicine that is not (yet) marketed in your own country but is marketed in another country.

If your medicine is unavailable, the first step is to speak to your doctor. Specific Pharma are not allowed to provide information or medicine to private persons directly. Once you and your doctor have decided on a course of action, we can help your doctor, and thereby you, gain access to the right treatment. This service is often referred to as medicine on a ”named patient basis”, ”compassionate use permit” or ”special permit”.

At Specific Pharma, we know it can be frustrating when you or your next of kin is unable to get the needed medication. We know that your situation is unique and we have a special commitment to help improve the lives of all patients with unmet medical needs. We import the needed medicine by engaging with our wide network comprising of health authorities, healthcare professionals, suppliers, and others to provide you or your next of kin with the right treatment.